Faster & Louder takes you back to the basics: great music & cold beer. What more do we really need? Ask the team behind your annual hi-octane rock ’n roll fest. Bart & Bartman, known as the rhytmn section of legendary Dutch Speedrock band Peter Pan Speedrock, want to combine beloved and established bands with young, hungry, new acts. “We want the bands that we and our generation, who’ve got rock ’n roll streaming through our veins for years, love and combine them with acts that are rocking hard right now. Rock ’n roll never dies and we want to keep it alive!”


Faster And Louder is being held at:
De Effenaar
Dommelstraat 2,
5611 CK Eindhoven

You can find more info about De Effenaar at their website:


8 + 14 =