6 more bands announced

Bart & Bart have been men of action lately. As a result of that, we can announce SIX new names for Faster & Louder 2018!

High On Fire are celebrating their 20 year anniversary and are playing special anniversary shows entitled: “Twenty Sunless Years with High On Fire.”

Swedish death-n-roll legends Entombed A.D. are bringing the true Swedish death metal sound.

And what about a Swiss fuzzy rock-n-roll thrash party bonanza by The Monsters (official)?

You like blood, pus and gastric juice? Good: Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench is coming over from Austria.

Hot-rockin’ heavy metal from Gothenburg: Night Viper! Simply porky old school metal to the bone.

Detroit based Easy Action will be rocking with a scowling, felonious ease, creating a dark world illuminated by glaring white noise.

Time to get your ticket(s)!

TIckets: https://goo.gl/EdKfJY

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